What is Zen?

The word Zen means meditation. 

Meditation is a mental state of deep relaxation and/or awareness. During meditation you can focus the mind on anything with the goal to be mentally clear, emotionally well and have a stable state of mind. 

The practice of Zen meditation has many benefits. It can bring a growing sense of enlightenment, gratitude, and emotional intelligence. Long term meditation can amplify your quality of life by deepening your happiness, self-reflection and understanding. 

There are many different types of meditation: mindful meditation, anxiety relief meditation, mantra meditation, walking meditation, and nature inspired meditation and do-nothing meditation just to name a few. 

How do you mindful meditate? It is easy and simple. All need to a space to sit down, be still and be quiet. 

1.) Find a place that is calm and quiet that you enjoy. 

2.) Note the time limit you desire to practice. Set an alarm if you prefer.

3.) Closing your eyes can help to relax better. Opening your eyes is okay but surroundings if chaotic may be visually distracting. 

4.) You can empty your mind by listening intently to calming music, rolling water or the natural sounds of nature. 

5.) Notice your body and feel your breath intently. 

6.) Be kind to yourself and avoid your mind wandering. Redirect yourself to your mediation goal or purpose. 

7.) Always close your meditation with kindness. 

Walking meditation and nature inspired meditation complement one another. They can be done by going on nature walks. Emptying the mind to be present with nature. You can start off small and work your way up to your desire goal. 

Mantra meditation is the form of repeating "I am" statements of positivity and affirmations. Examples: " I am empowered. I am enough." This can be added to walking meditations, nature inspired meditations or mindful meditations. 

Meditation isn't a one type of way of practice. You can incorporate many different forms to create the practice that best fits for you. It is important to identify your goal of your meditation and what you are trying to achieve. 

For more on meditation practices we recommend you check out Llewelyn's Litte Book of Meditation. 


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