Crystal Healing

Crystal healing is the practice of using crystals and gemstones to promote healing and harmony of the mind, body, and spirit. Modern medicine considers this to be a form of alternative medicine. The practice of crystal healing is a centuries old practice used in a variety of spiritualities dating back to 6,000 years ago. Crystals have been frequently used in new age practices, neopaganism and traditional eastern religions.

Some of the first accounts of crystal healing being used was among the ancient Egyptians and Sumerians of Mesopotamia. The technique of this practice uses crystals as conduits for healing and can be placed in any space as an environment enhancer. There are specific crystals used to induce relaxation, positivity, peace, love, protection, happiness and so much more. The ancient Egyptians had the belief that adorning themselves with crystals it would ward off any negative energy and deter illness. Spiritual healers from these ancient cultures would use certain crystals for centuries to heal wounds.

Today, healing crystals have seen an upsurge in popularity at health spas and New Age health clinics as they have been incorporated into massage, meditation, yoga, and Reiki. Modern spirituality has grown more recognition and acceptance as it can be combined with religion. 

It is nearly impossible to talk about spirituality without bring up crystals. How can anyone resist? Crystals are truly beautiful, natural, inspiring, motivating, and mysterious. People have been known not to practice crystal healing and were unable to withstand the urge to collect some based on their aesthetic value. There is probably a good chance you have spotted a crystal and admired it for its beauty then passed on the purchase not realizing the vase you chose instead was made from crystal as well.  If you love diamonds, you are already a crystal lover. Diamonds are the crystal of power in perfection and abundance.

Although, this practice has gained some momentum in modern western society it has not with most medical doctors and scientists who deem it to be pseudoscience (fake science). They report in their studies there has not been any scientific evidence that crystal healing cure diseases. Therefore, never stop your medical treatments without consulting your physician first.

I consider crystal healing spiritually and mentally soothing. For me, my crystals enhance my home, car, and workspace. When I do wear them, I feel peace, confidence, and self-awareness plus they are uniquely stunning. No two pieces of crystal are the same. They serve as the perfect reminder to be grounded, forgiving, loving, happy, determined, understanding and present. They assist me with keeping high positive vibrations, and balance. I say if a crystal calls to you, then it must be meant for you to acquire.

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