What are smudges? 

An ancient sacred ritual practiced commonly associated with Native Americans, smudging is the use of various herbs with specific prosperities burned to clear low vibrations, lift spirits, banish negativity, balancing energy, and allow positive energy to enter.  Common smudging herbs are white sage, lavender, Yerba Santo, Dragon's Blood resin, Palo Santo, Rosemary, Cedar and Sweetwater Braid.  

Other worldly cultures do practice smudging. Modern belief systems like New Age and eclectic Neopagan spiritualities have their own rituals with various herbs in regard to smoke. Though, there has been some protest against cultural misappropriation it is important to distinguish smudging from other practices. It is not improper to perform smudging rituals as long as you are performing them properly and respectfully in accordance with a spiritual belief practice.

Smudging kits are ideal for beginners starting their spiritual journey. Instructions on when, where and how to smudge are inside. From cleansing home, creating a tranquil environment, meditation, and yoga. Inhaling the aroma can be blissful, relaxing and calming to the soul. Below are different types of smudges: 

- Cedar smudge is perfect for purifying places, objects and people. It attracts good spirits and eliminates negative energy. Earthy Woods similar to pine.

- Cinnamon Citrus Cedar Unique premium smudge made with Green Sage, Wormwood, Citrus, Fir/Juniper, Cinnamon Stick, and Baby's Breath. Sophisticatedly formulated for cleansing away negative energy, inviting warmth and safety, bounty and protection. 

- Dragon's Blood has the power to enhance manifestation, intention and protection

- Rosemary smudge is perfect for purifying vibrations, driving away nightmares and creating spiritual upliftment. 

- Sweetgrass Braid is burned at the beginning of a prayer or ceremony to attract positive energy. Used for purification purposes and carried as a protective totem. Burned for personal use and for home blessings. It symbolizes healing and peace. 

- White Sage clears out spiritual impurities. It deep cleans a space from negative energy and raises vibrations. It is antimicrobial and antibacterial with the ability to repel insects. 

It is important to choose a smudge stick that best resonates with your intentions will be most beneficial for you and your spiritual practice. All of these smudges mentioned in the is blog can be found in our Air Collection, Smudge Collection. 

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