Singing Bowls

What is a singing bowl? It is a type of bell or instrument that vibrates and produces a rich variety of tones when played. There are different names for the singing bowls: Tibetan singing bowls and Himalayan bowls. While the origin is not exactly known, it is believed to have started in China around the 16th century BC. 

Our singing bowls are brass (copper) however, they can be a variety of metals like gold, silver and lead. Though, many manufactures make singing bowls we carry the ones that are made in Tibet and Nepal. 

The purpose of a singing bowl is to be used for meditation by promoting relaxation and offer healing. They have been known to be used as music therapy, massage therapy and even during yoga. Potential long-term benefits: stress relief, improve sleep, pain relief, balancing and harmonizing. Adverse effects: Do not use if you are prone to headaches, pregnant or have epilepsy. 

How to use singing bowls? You can use in a variety of different ways. either on the floor, bowl ring or in your hand if small enough. To create the singing bowl sound, you will gently strike the outside edge or rim of with the leather side of the mallet. Once you hear the tone, you can slowly go around the bowl in a circular motion against the outside middle of bowl. Make sure you use your full arm, oppose to just rotating your wrist. Small to medium bowls are great to start with as a beginner. The smaller the bowl the higher the pitch and the bigger the bowl the deeper the pitch.

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