Sacred Bath

What is a sacred bath? Well, it is a bath taken with a purpose and they are spiritually revitalizing. These types of baths are performed when you want to cleanse your aura, draw money, protection, attract love, heal your heart or mind. Since ancient times bathing to clean your body was also another way of purifying your spirit. 

Why? Because water is cleansing, healing and relaxing. It is a proven fact that taking long baths sooth away worries and stress. It also rejuvenates hair, skin and nails.

In some modern practices, baths are considered to be magical. As the essence of bathing has been enhanced with recipes that include crystals, candles, herbs, flowers, minerals and more. The water acts a conduit for the spirit connecting our energy to the universe. 

Before you start your sacred bath make sure you know what causes your skin irritation. It is important to do your research as some crystals and stones dissolve in water along with releasing toxic materials that can harmful to your skin. It is always safer to place them around the top of tub or all around the bathroom.

My favorite crystals, herbs and flowers to add to my sacred bath are:

  • Crystal: Rose Quartz, Clear Quartz, Amethyst, Citrine, Jade
  • Flowers: Lavender, Rose petals, Chamomile, Jasmine, Oats
  • Herbs: Bay leaf Cinnamon, Aloe, Echinacea, Saffron
  • Minerals: Himalayan Salts, Epsom

When to take a sacred bath? Anytime you need to. When you do, try to align your intentions. This makes your sacred bath more powerful. 

How make your bath:

  1. Run a bath to your desire temperature.
  2. Safely light candles and place them in the room. Different colors have different meanings and intentions. 
  3. Dim lights are best to get into a relaxed state of mind.
  4. Add a handful of your desired florals, herbs, and minerals. Add a cup of moon water to your sacred bath as additional boost. 
  5. Optional: Place your desired pieces of crystals around the tub.
  6. Get into the bath, then take one intentional breathe in and exhale completely out.
  7. Begin to fully relax. 
  8. If you wash yourself, wash from your feet, up to your head. This will draw love towards you instead of washing it away.
  9. Say your affirmation, incantation or prayer. 
  10. When you are finish, stand up, step out of the water and let yourself drip-dry. This allows the magical effects of the spiritual bath seep into your skin and aura.
  11. Give Thanks 
  12. Drain tub. 

See our Water Collection for essentials to customize your ritual bath. 

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