Resilience is defined as the ability to recover from difficulties and toughness. The capability to be strong minded, heathly minded, success driving, knowing you are limitless and understanding hardwork with consistency unlocks doors. A deep inner energy that can not be destroyed, however, transferred via postive interactions. 😌 

The belief that there is something more. Bigger than you and bigger than what you see.  Resilience is a gift that so many people unfortunately do not acquire.  Everyone does not possess the ability to wake up and decide they want to be bigger and better version of themselves.  Some people get stuck in a cycle. A cycle that is difficult to break. One in which they wallow in sorrow and misery. Feeling like there's something more but unable to figure out how to obtain it. Unable to overcome the difficulties and the toughness that is before them. Seeking upon which they see but not willing to put in the work. To be resilient it's hard work and it's not something that occurs overnight it takes a lot of time and effort to overcome toughness in our lives but one thing is for certain anything in this life can be overcome if you simply try.

The 1st steps to breaking bad habits starts with you. No one else is responsible for your actions and your emotions but you. I say take time to discover who you are as a person.  Identify your strengths, then identify your weaknesses.  Create a personal plan to begin your journey of self improvement.

Step one:  self love and self care. When you truly love yourself it is almost impossible for anyone who can't match that love to stick around.

Step two:  do things alone. The best way to get to know yourself is to do things by yourself. Go to dinner. Go to the movies. Go to a new place. Everything doesn't require the company of another. 

Step three: change your environment.  Surround yourself with people who are going to be positive influences. People you admire. Someone that is doing better than you and will help push you to continue more positive habits.

Step four: continue to challenge yourself. Growth is continually evolving. Try new things and meet new people. Avoid boxing yourself in categories. Be boundless, diverse and flexible.

Resilience = confidence, character, contribution, competence, connection, coping and control.

A heathly balance! As always. Be well and be safe. Namaste. 

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