Incense are aromatherapeutic. They are commonly made up of essential oils, herbs, spices and florals. Newly released incense styles are plant based making them essentially harmless as no harsh chemicals are added. Once lit, the fragrance is elegantly released in a dancing smoke with the aroma gradually filling the room lingering hours after it has burned out. 

Incense types: Backflow cones, incense sticks, incense double ended cylinders, resin and loose herbs. 

Commonly incense were used for religious worship, meditation, ceremonial, stress relief and aesthetics. Additional uses are simple deodorant or insect repellent. It is best practice is to light incense in a well-vented room or with an open window.

The most common incense are sage, frankincense, sandalwood and dragon's blood. They are known to have the power to cleanse negative energy, decrease tension and elevate meditative state. 

Certain fragrances can stimulate creativity, enhance concentration and focus. A few examples: orange, grapefruits, citrus, rain forest, tropical island, pine, and citronella. 

Incense for relaxation/stress relief: Camomile, Lavender, Honeysuckle, Orchid, Saffron and Himalayan Salt. 

Passion/Desire: Neroli, African Violet, Opium, Amber, and Kamasutra. 

Spiritual Guide incense will guide your mind to celestial heights. Transport your spirit to heavenly moods. Spread the fragrance of peace. Top grade incense, blended with natural resins, gums, essential oils and herbs. 

There are other incense combinations that are specific to spiritual needs: Aura Cleansing, 7 Chakra Healing, Hamsa (protection), Yoga (meditation), Good Vibes and Good Health. 

All of these different types of incense can be found in our Air Collection, Incense section. Starting at $1.00. 

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