Be the energy, you would want to attract.

Be the energy, you would want to attract. The goal is to radiate positivity, but the truth is sometimes there are moments where we fall short. Focusing on self-love and self-care is essential to your mental health. Did you catch that?  I surely hope so. This is about you. When you are aligned, healthy mind, body, and spirit, you will attract those similar energies. AKA – The Law of Attraction. Attracting likeminded energy. How do you channel positive energy from the inside out? Well, these are a few helpful reminders to start with:

~ You must make yourself priority. If you feel good about yourself, it’ll be much easier to project that inner contentment into the world. How can you help others if you are running on empty? Do your lights come on without power? Hmmmm, probably not. Take time for you.

~ Be kind to yourself. When you’re feeling down, recognize and honor your thoughts. We can be our toughest critic but if you can’t forgive yourself, it can be difficult to forgive others. Forgiveness if first and foremost for yourself.

~ Use positive words about yourself. Affirmations are a great way to start the day. Look in the mirror every morning and tell yourself something inspirational and motivational. I’m grateful for…, I am willing to..., I’d love to learn..., etc. will take you a long way mentally and spiritually. Our daily newsletter has affirmations and reading them are a perfect way to start.

~ Smile often. If you don’t already, in the beginning this may feel awkward but gradually you will start to feel better. Slowly you will feel friendlier and appear more outgoing to others. Smiling also decreases your stress.

~ Live in the moment. For the love of life, please put your phone way. Distractions prevent us from savoring our surroundings. It is important to fully take in our experiences. There is something truly magically about being in the moment. You do not need to take pictures or videos of every moment. You also don’t need to always post it to social media. Enjoy the company of yourself and others.

~ It may not seem like a big deal but practice good posture. An excellent nonverbal indication of your energy can be sensed in your stance. Your posture will send signals that you are approachable.

~ Be more generous. Chivalry shouldn’t be dead. Hold the door open for the person behind you, leave a kind note, offer to help someone, compliment a stranger, or spark up a kind conversation with a stranger. When you’re generous and kind to those around you, there is a definite shift in the atmosphere and in the energy you attract.

~ Practice good faith and effective communication. Talk out your feelings, thoughts, and misunderstandings. If someone upsets you, don’t lash out. Take the time you need to calm down and constructively address it or let step aside to refocus your attention. Make sure you come to peace with your resolution reliving yourself of regret or doubt.

Is your energy the type attracting positive likeminded vibes? Do you sometimes lose track? What helps you refocus?

Below are some of our boutique favorites to set your energy off right can be found in out Spirit Collection, essential oils, and perfumes. (1) Essential Oils/Perfume – Apothecary Noire

  • The Goddess Energy roller blend was inspired to release lower energies while harnessing your feminine energies. Apply to your pulse points and templates as needed. Notes of rose and lavender.
  • The Cosmic Uplift was inspired to raise your vibration and uplift your mood and spirit. Apply to your pulse points and templates as needed. Notes of Infused with rose petals and Rose Quartz Crystal.
  • SUPERNATURAL: Frankincense + Sweet orange. ENLIGHTEN and INSPIRE: 
  • VIBE: Rose Geranium + Sweet Orange. BALANCE + THRIVE, floral, rosy, sweet.
  • Love & Light ~ simultaneously uplifts and calms, relaxes and energizes, lightens the spirit and cleanses the aura while bestowing a sense of peace and love. 

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